I’m your new adventure buddy and the best friend that you never knew that you needed!

Hey Hey!!

What I'm About:

I have lived in Southern California my whole life and am obsessed with the sunny days we have year-round. 

I enjoy exploring the outdoors while hiking or camping. I could probably tell you way more than you could ever want to know about California native plants… I am also a SCUBA diver and feel more in tune with the world 40 feet under the surface than anywhere else on Earth. 

I feel most myself when I’m surrounded by God’s beautiful creation. I believe in optimism, genuine laughter, miracles, joy, and in love! 

Jumping in puddles, hot coco, garlic bread, The Princess Bride, playing guitar and ukulele, finding new adventures, reading, and rom coms!

I’m here to create and capture unforgettable experiences in wild places, cheering you on every step of the way!

I'm Laura!

Seek adventure, and remember it forever!

Reasons I smile:


The ocean

Hot chocolate

In the moment
True to you

My Approach

I truly truly believe that everyone deserves to be celebrated. Being a wedding and elopement photographer is my chance to celebrate the most beautiful thing in the world: true love. 

Every time I press the shutter, I do so with intention and love. I am privileged to be able to capture memories of very special people and I take this responsibility seriously. From the start of planning, to the actual photos taken, to each adjustment I make for your images, I pour my heart into every process of creation. 
I am your story teller of your love and your life together.

Made with love....

My photography style:

Celebrating love stories is kinda my thing

I am inspired by the natural world. So I strive to capture your natural love. In its raw form. Real. And adventurous. And true.
Your stories, told the way they should be.
I capture the sunshine in the joy of being cuddled up close, or in the laughter of skipping down the road together. 
I have developed an approach to photoshoots to make sure that the images taken show every side of your wonderful, complex, exciting, unique love story.

Leave No Trace Aware Photographer

Nature is my studio. The landscapes are my backdrop.

This access to public lands (such as National Parks, National Forests, WIlderness areas, BLM land, etc..) is a privilege I don't take for granted. 

I practice Leave No Trace ethics for outdoor photoshoots so you can come back to that spot in 10, 20, or 50 years, and it will still look and feel the same as when you said your vows.