2021 End of Year Wrap Up

As 2021 comes to a close, all I can think of is how much of a game changer this year truly was. I remember back in 2019, looking forward to 2020 as my first wedding season… well, we all know how that went (although the 2020 love stories that I had the honor of capturing will always hold a special place in my heart). It’s almost impossible to fit all of the wonderful moments of this past year into a few paragraphs, but here’s a little peek through this 2021 End of Year Wrap Up.

At the beginning of 2021, I would not have pictured this year to turn out as wonderfully as it did. God threw some twists into what my ‘plan’ for this year was, but I wouldn’t have changed a single thing. I got to travel to so many new places I had never been before. I met some of the best friend I ever could have asked for. My photography business grew in ways I didn’t even know were possible.


This past year truly felt so so special! Every wedding and elopement I shot was so long-awaited and anticipated. The love and intentionality between each couple was so evident. Some of the weddings that I shot had been rescheduled 2 or even 3 times! They were ready to get married. Each couple was so gracious and patient in waiting to finally be able to say “I do” to their best friend. Looking back, it’s hard not to feel emotional writing this. I am so thankful for each couple that trusted me to capture their love and help tell their stories. 


Not only did I meet some incredible couples this past year, but I met so many incredible photographers within the community. I was mentored by Sarah Yates, 2nd shot multiple weddings alongside her, and joined the Sarah Yates Photo team – along with 2 other incredible photographers! (and now we’re all besties so it worked out for the BEST!) I couldn’t possibly thank Sarah enough for not only teaching, guiding, and challenging me throughout 2021, but also for being such a genuine friend to have. It’s truly humbling to look back and see how many wonderful people entered my life because of photography. 

I can’t wrap 2021 up without talking about my girl, Sydney. In September of 2020, we connected through a Facebook group for photographers – Sydney is a photographer based in Minnesota (check her out at Sydney Breann Photography). July 2021, Sydney and I finally met in person. We shot a wedding on Catalina Island together, explored, and immediately planned our next adventure together before saying goodbye. In October, I traveled up the West Coast on my own before flying to Minnesota to spend time with Sydney. We traveled to the North Shore, camped along Lake Superior, and took a ton of photos. It’s true what they say… “when you find your best friend, it’s like finding your other half.”  Looking ahead to 2022, Sydney and I have some really fun plans coming up (stay tuned, photographers)!

Looking Ahead…

For this next year, I am most looking forward to the unexpected things that are on the horizon in 2022. The moments that can’t be planned for, the adventures that are yet to happen… I just know that God is going to do a lot this year; I am so excited to see what He has in store. 

To those that have supported me, trusted me, and encouraged me during this past year, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so thankful for the growth that came within my photography business and myself. I can’t wait to look back at December of 2022’s end of year Wrap Up and relive every session that I will have had the honor of capturing. What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

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